Why do I need a Care Plan for my website?

why do i need a care plan for my website

If you are new to the world of WordPress, you may not know that WP websites require maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Due to the complex customisation options, plugins, and open source nature of this Content Management System (CMS), things need to be updated and kept ship shape to keep your website fast, secure, and functioning smoothly.

A website is like a car…

When you first purchase a brand new car, the salesperson shows you all the shiny bells and whistles, everything runs perfectly, and it looks amazing. But imagine if you didn’t ever send it for a service, never put oil or water in it, and never cleaned it! The bills would soon start piling up, and you would most likely end up spending more on repairs than you would have if you had got it serviced regularly. Repairs may take some time, which could mean you were off the road for quite a period. This could be very tough, especially if you rely on your vehicle for work.

That’s ok. I can fix it myself.

Just like a car, if you attempt to fix your website yourself, you may encounter even greater problems if you don’t have the required technical knowledge or skills. Not to mention the time it may take you. Professionals have a process, know what to look out for, and are skilled in debugging and securing websites.

Here at Lucky Cat Studio, back-ups of your site are kept in case anything goes wrong. This means we can roll your site back to a previous version and restore it to working condition. If you try fixing or updating your site without a backup, you run the risk of losing your site, and your entire investment could go down the drain.

So, what does a care plan get me?

  • Hosting on a private, secure, cloud based server;
  • Access to my agency plugins for site speed, optimisation, and design capability;
  • SSL certificate;
  • Spam filtering;
  • Daily backups;
  • Monthly plugin and theme updates;
  • Monthly site optimisation (revision + database cleanup);
  • Monthly check for security risks, malware, blacklists and errors;
  • Monthly website report;
  • General advice.

Ignored websites which don’t have all of the above actions performed regularly, are susceptible to hackers who may find “back doors” with plugin vulnerabilities. Malware and spam could be injected into your website, and secure data could be compromised or stolen. Having to clean up a hacked website is an expensive and specialist exercise.

Most of all, a care plan gives you peace of mind. It also saves you time and money in the long run.

I can’t recommend signing up for a care plan enough! It’s like insurance – you don’t know you need it until you do. Protect your investment today and book a strategy call with Pippa from Lucky Cat Studio to discuss your website needs.