Why should I build my website on WordPress?

why wordpress

WordPress is a free and open source  CMS (content management system) that powers over a third of the Internet. 

This website creation platform is favoured by beginners, and professional web developers alike for its comprehensive software solutions, its scalability, and ability to host your website wherever you choose. It can be integrated with almost any internet software, and configured to suit your needs.

Unlike other CMS’s like Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly, WordPress does not lock you into a proprietary service. You own your own website, and are not at the mercy of your provider. This makes your WordPress website a very powerful asset to your business.

The secret behind WordPress’s power is undoubtedly the plethora of plugins available. Plugins are modular programs that add extra functionality to your site. They are easily installed, and can bring you a whole other level of customisation.

There are plugins for e-commerce operations, site speed, SEO, email marketing, restaurant bookings, and almost anything you can think of. A lot are free, but the more comprehensive solutions require either a one-off or subscription payment.

Many small businesses tend to outgrow their DIY CMS platforms as they search for increased functionality and flexibility. For example, the Afterpay payment method is not available on Squarespace and Shopify’s blogging options are very limited. 

Proprietary CMS’s can also remove options from users if they don’t get a deal done. This could mean losing your Instagram feed from your site, or the ability to integrate your email marketing system. The frustration is real!

These issues almost never occur with WordPress. If a particular plugin stops offering a feature, you could bet money that there is another one lining up to take its place.

There are a few myths that come along with WordPress – one being that it is difficult to use. I can dispel that straight away, and my clients would tell you the same. When you open the backend of a WordPress website, it may seem complex, but once you have received a bit of training, you will wonder what you were worried about. All my clients receive comprehensive video training, and with the right set up and build, you will be running your website like a pro in no time.

The final point I would like to mention is that the WordPress platform is highly conducive to a supreme search engine optimisation (SEO) setup. SEO plugins such as Seo Press and Yoast ensure all relevant information is accessible to Google and other search engines. Because of WordPress’ detailed customisation options, websites can:

1) be built with very clean code (less code means less bloat);

2) be designed responsively on all device sizes;

3) have “pretty” links which include keywords;

4) have meta data and alt tags easily added; and

5) have images that are fully optimised.

All of these result in a fast site which search engines (and customers) love. 

WordPress is without doubt the key to putting your best foot forward in business. A well designed and built WordPress website will last you for many years to come, and be an excellent investment in your business’ success.